About Us

Founded in the year 2005,

City Designs and Sign Media Co. Ltd. (CIDES MEDIA)

is the leading service provider in the Outdoor Adverting industry inĀ Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We serve both national and global clientele and our service portfolio comprises of mainly Outdoor Advertising (OOH) P.O.S (Point of Sale Branding), and much more. As the leading firm in Outdoor Advertising, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners by offering strategically located Out Of Home media and an outstanding integration of our branding strategies to match our clients advertising needs at every desired point of public contact. We at CIDES MEDIA interpret your task and challenge as an opportunity to build our capacity; Us being the market leader in outdoor advertising, we will offer the best service that you probably never experienced and we will ascertain that you achieve your goal and reach your target audience.

Our Mission

CIDES MEDIA aims to function as a one stop place offering a diverse variety in its services to meet our client's needs. With emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, we have the ability to meet your advertising and communication needs.

Our Vision

We are establishing and building a brand across the region that will be the ONLY vessel, strong, competent and loud enough to sound your brand name, product or service to your target audience.

Our value proposition is simple:

- The talent to ideate and the ability to execute all within one company.

The benefit to our customer is simple:

- Great marketing ideas executed faster, more effectively and easier for our clients.

Our most valued keys are;

- Continued and diligent client prospecting.
- Providing and consistently representing money
saving schemes for its clientele.
- Working with and creating a net-work of reliable partners.
- Tapping and use of unique talents of its employees and partners to offer best value related results.

  • Record of Success

    When CIDES MEDIA takes on your product improvement as one of the few OOH media specialists, we put all our efforts to meet your dream. Because we believe to take your product to the top takes all of us working together. Which is why we at CIDES MEDIA are proud to be creating prosperity for the companies which invest or advertise with us, through outdoor and promotional materials. With the combination of these traditional and none traditional media, outdoor offers a palette of media choices that is unequalled. Define the strength of your product using the power of advertising! The choices and combination are limited only by imagination and are all available here at CIDES MEDIA.

Our Esteemed Clients

CIDES MEDIA has an unmatched experience in outdoor advertising and we are proud to be the service provider of billboard advertising, sign manufacture and branding for the following companies as part of our clientele: