Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your coverage in terms of regions?

    CIDES MEDIA has very strategically placed outdoor (OOH) billboards in Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and beyond covering the whole country. We also serve clients in Rwanda and Burundi where you will meet our unmatched services.
    We also go deeper with Wall/Shop branding taking your brand to where billboards are not in place. Name any area in the East African region, we will be there specially for billboard advertising and wall branding.

  • We like doing things differently, studying the market and our competitors is what we have mastered leaving us with no choice other than putting extra care and attention to our partners' desired need of reaching their target audience

  • Yes, Yes! We are partnering with our esteemed partners to provide Communication needs and Market survey for their products and services. Because we know no big brand has made it to the top without Brand-Customer interaction, we will also be studying your brand, product and service to help it communicate with the consumer directly. Let’s call it Brand-Customer intimacy!

  • We actually didn’t know! …when you want to walk fast walk alone, when you want to walk far, walk together. We have served our clients with honesty and high esteem. They have surely built us.